The difference between a switch and a router switch and a router

[Introduction] Switches and routers are common network devices in the equipment room, but in fact, many friends have not really understood the concept of switches and routers, and even do not know the difference between switches and routers. Here is a small series for everyone to answer what is the difference between switches and routers, switches and […]

Switch interface type

The switch has a variety of interface types, such as 10GE, GE, FE, OC-48/STM-16 POS, OC-16/STM-4 POS, OC-3/STM-1 POS, and other interfaces. Realize high port density and wire-speed routing and switching. The S port is the meaning of the serial interface. It is also called the high-speed asynchronous serial port. It is mainly used to connect […]

OnAccess Fabric Switch

The OnAccess 5224M is a high-performance managed 24+2G port Layer 2 fiber-optic Ethernet access switch with 2 Gigabit optical/electrical optional uplink ports. The downlink port can select 24 all-optical ports. Configuration or 12 optical ports 12 electrical ports mixed configuration, access to fiber media optional single mode fiber or multimode fiber. The switch supports both remote […]

Do you know the three new technologies of data center network?

In recent years, new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and virtualization have been dazzling, and all of these technologies have been implemented based on data centers. As the saying goes, “the economic base determines the superstructure”, the data center network is the basis for realizing these functions. These forces the network technology to change, […]

ES-12F simple evaluation

UBNT finally launched the fabric switches 12, ES-12 total with 16 interfaces, wherein the optical interface is an interface 1-12, 13-16 For the Ethernet interface. I like this design and take into account both SFP and ethernet, and the number of these two types of interfaces is enough to finally use the original fiber optic transceiver.  I. […]

The technical and cost challenges for 100G

Huang Xiaoqing, dean of China Mobile Research Institute, believes that although 100G has already started, there are still four technical challenges in 100G transmission technology. The 100G failed to be widely applied at present, and the key reason is that the cost is still relatively high. More and more high-bandwidth services, such as high-definition video, online […]