Differences between industrial routers and industrial switches

Now is the information age. With the advancement of the times, the Internet is an indispensable part of people’s lives. It is usually made up of many different types of computer networks connected to each other. If several computer networks are physically connected and cannot communicate between them, then this “interconnection” has no practical meaning. So when it […]

The benefits of PoE switches

Electrical equipment needs to be powered to work. Some devices based on IP networks also need a power supply, such as routers, cameras, etc. Of course, since the PoE power supply technology, IP network equipment has another power supply. the way. PoE power supply is powered by a network cable, that is, the network cable […]

Definition and Classification of Network Switches

A network switch is a network-expanding device that provides more ports for sub-networks to connect to more computers. With the development of the communication industry and the advancement of national economy information, the network switch market has shown a steady upward trend. It is characterized by high performance and price ratio, high flexibility, relatively simple and easy […]

Cisco Switches

American Cisco (Cisco System Inc.) switching products to “Catalyst” as a trademark include 2918, 2960, 3560, 3750 and a dozen series. In general, these switches can be divided into two categories: One type is a fixed configuration switch, including most models of 3500 and below. For example, 1924 is a 24-port 10M Ethernet switch with two 100M uplink […]

How to quickly identify the heat dissipation system of the switch

Switches often need to be used in security engineering. The cooling system of the switch is related to the service life of the switch. However, the standard of heat dissipation of the switch is not known to everyone. How can you quickly identify the heat dissipation system of the switch in one minute? Please take a […]

Solutions of Optical Module for H3C S5820V2 Series Switches

The H3S S5820V2 series switches are positioned for high-density access in next-generation data centers and cloud computing networks, and can also be used in enterprise networks or metropolitan area networks. This article will focus on the H3C S5120-SI series switches and their solutions. Huasan S5820V2 series switches can meet the needs of high-density 10G access and […]

Why is the FS data center switch so popular?

Not long ago, a new N-series data center core switch was added to the FS, which has attracted the attention of many customers. The feedback on the products is also very positive. The performance requirements of the data center switches are more strict than the basic switches. Just tell everyone why the FS N-series switches are so popular. First, […]

Arista’s New Series of Network Switches for Cloud Applications

Arista’s new line of network switches delivers higher performance and scale to meet the needs of cloud computing providers and cloud-first enterprises. It can be said that there has never been a stronger dynamic of network evolution than cloud computing. The reason is that cloud computing is a fundamentally different computing paradigm because it enables changes to applications, data, […]

Three new forms of data center switches

The switch is an important part of the data center network and is indispensable for the data center construction LAN. In the past few years, the data center has ushered in a period of rapid development. The network has become a part of restricting the development of the data center. It is necessary to transform the […]

The important performance indicators of data center switches – cache

Switches are indispensable network devices in the data center and play an important role in the data center. In normal use and procurement, most of them pay attention to the performance indicators of the switch’s backplane bandwidth, port density, single port speed, protocol characteristics, etc. Few people pay attention to the cache index, which is a […]