Switch’s Daily Maintenance

Switches are widely used in information networks. From low-end to high-end, as long as the network is used, switches are basically required. The switch bears the role of connecting various devices on the network, and the role is self-evident, which is very important for the maintenance of the switch. Today, I will introduce the daily maintenance content […]

What is the difference between Fibre Channel switch VS Ethernet switch ?

Fibre Channel (FC) is a serial I/O interconnect network technology that supports multiple protocols. It is primarily used for storage area networks (SANs). Ethernet and TCP/IP are the most common device communication technologies available today. But for storage devices, the dominant technology in the data center is usually Fibre Channel. So what is the difference between the Fibre Channel […]

Problems of switch in enterprise applications

Switching technology allows shared and dedicated LAN segments to adjust bandwidth to mitigate bottlenecks in information flow between LANs. There are now switching products for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, and ATM technologies. 1. Bottlenecks in the switch network The processing speed of the switch itself can be very high, and users often superstitiously advertise the Gbps-class […]

The difference between switches and hubs

In today’s global networked era, the Internet has become a must for human life. As an important device for the establishment of local area networks: switches and hubs, they all play the role of a “transport” for data transmission in the local area network. So what is the difference between a switch and a hub? The so-called […]

How to stack and cascade connections of switches?

With the rapid development of the network, high density will be the trend of network networking, through port integration to increase port density and increase bandwidth. The question is, should we buy more switches on the port or buy ports with stack cascading to achieve port density and bandwidth? The answer is obvious. The latter is often […]

What is the use of the switch?

1. From the perspective of the OSI architecture, the hub belongs to the first layer of physical layer equipment, and the switch belongs to the second layer of data link layer equipment of the OSI. That is to say, the hub only plays a role in synchronizing, amplifying and shaping the data transmission. The short frame=fragment in […]

Three port modes of Switch: Access, Hybrid and Trunk

Many friends have been asking about the role of several ports of the switch. This is really easy for many of our friends to ignore. So let’s take a look at this aspect today. Ethernet ports have three types of links: access, trunk, hybrid Access type port: can only belong to 1 VLAN, generally used […]

400GbE switches, Juniper, Cisco and Arista, which is the best in your heart?

On December 6, 2017, the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group formally approved the 400 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) standard. Prior to this, 400GbE has caused some attention. For example, in March 2017, AT&T established a 400GbE connection between New York and Washington. 400GbE is four times faster than 100 gig Ethernet, providing an affordable price and higher efficiency […]

The rise of data center switches in the AI ​​era

There is no doubt that this will be a world where both corners and corners are covered and influenced by AI ( Artificial Intelligence )! The three key factors that accelerate the advancement of this era are computational forces, algorithms, and data, the Trinity. In the field of algorithms, a batch of innovative entrepreneurs are constantly emerging; the explosive growth of data provides […]

Switch interface classification and connection method

It provides an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes that access the switch. The most common switch is an Ethernet switch. Other common ones are electric Hua voice switches, fiber switches, and so on. A switch is a LAN that uses a very wide range of network devices and multiple network devices. The switch […]